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localadclick.net beware scam.. spam..

This fake has been changed with a new look ... Don't join this scam....Some of the localadclick.net's facts has to be updated in this site. (31 Oct. 2012 )

It is 127 countries now ???

Read this first
URGENT Warning: 15,Aug. 2012

Deception ensures survival of Illegal Pyramid MLMs.

 LocalAdClick can show a legal certificate and official contacts for each country without showing fake certificates & contacts.

If you know something about people in this photo...contact police....They are the founders of LocalAdClick Scam. ( Many thanks to Saudi Gentlemen for the provision of this)

D G Sarath Suranga and Mohammad Dilshan 11112012
D G Sarath Suranga is the Marketing Manager for Middle-East and Sri Lanka and Mohammad Dilshan is the Master Franchisee for Middle-East, Africa and Sri Lanka for LocalAdClick Scam. If you know them, help civil authorities to take necessary actions.

LocalAdClick talks about low cost on-line advertising solutions, Web based e-commerce solutions,Social Portals,Local search directories ,Geo-targeted landing pages,Search Engine Optimization and so on. 
They declare themselves as industry leaders.

Look at this table,

Can you understand their popularity in the world ? 
Their exaggerated descriptions with high-tech words could bring someone to a another world, this makes the way to pursuing new comers to the scheme.
There is no need to run recruitment based illegal binary pyramids and investment scams for such an industry leading high-tech company.

Founders and promoters of "LocalAdClick family" should be ashamed of themselves.

Their stratergies are no longer secrets. Everything has been revealed here.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

LocalAdClick INSIDE OUT: Beware Scam Spam

In a legitimate MLM company, commissions are earned only on sales of the company's products or services. No money may be earned from recruiting alone ("sign-up fees"). One must analyze the compensation plan to determine whether participants are paid from actual sales to customers and not from money received from new recruits. If participants are paid primarily from money received from new recruits, then the company is an illegal pyramid or Ponzi scheme.
Source: Consumer Fraud Reporting

LocalAdClick sells membership as Gold,Silver and Bronze packages giving five video advertisements per week, stolen from other sites violating intellectual property rights and GNU General Public Licence, to make pay outs to its members.
Is this legal?
What/ Who is LocalAdClick ?            CLICK HERE

Find their fake contact details         CLICK HERE

Find their fake legal certificates      CLICK HERE

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LocalAdClick : INSIDE OUT

LocalAdClick.net accompanies with two other sites at the moment i.e. localadclick.info and localadclick.com, the former is for informative purpose about localadclick.net and the latter for advertising and on-line auctions.

Have a look at how they introduce themselves?
About Local Ad Click . Net
LocalAdClick is a complete online advertising solution connecting local businesses with local customers. We are the industry leading low cost provider for online advertising.

Who is Local Ad Click?

ViSim,Inc.provides best in class products, services, and solutions in innovative and cost effective ways. The company owns and operates three divisions:

i-SUPPLYwhich provides easy to use, fully customizable E-commerce services and revenue solutions for any Web site, large or small.

LocalAdClickis a local search directory and advertising network that brings local advertising to geo-targeted consumers.

ViSim.comis the leading niche portal and social networking site for Baby Boomers and Generation Jones.

Now try to find out the reliability  of above statements

localadclick.com’ and ‘localadclick.net’ were registered on June 25th 2011 and some of the whois information is set to private. Contact address and phone number found in whois lookup are connected to e-marketing frauds with lots of complaints from customers. MORE INFO

LocalAdClick Founders
LocalAdClick do not expose the real founders of it. They introduce JAMES RAYNOLD and BLAIR MARCHETTI as founders and, President & Vice-President of ViSim Advertising Limited. There are many professional profiles by those two names in profile pages whereas nothing can be tallied with Mr.James and Mr.Blair that LocalAdClick speaks of.

Let's explore ViSim,Inc, Profile of this company cannot be found in web as given by LocalAdClick's discriptions. Some of the best search results have been given here just to have a look If you like,

Contack us
In fact, contacts like emails and phone numbers are dead and what they have given as
headquarters' address belongs to a law company in British Virgin Islands, further photo of a US Security Company has been shown as ViSim Advertising limited.
The ViSim Advertising Limited or Visim.inc, that LocalAdClick introduced, was not recognized,reviewed or rated in any media locally or internationally so far. That shows how they are so genuine to you. MORE INFO

The first division of Visim.Inc, is ‘i-Supply’, isupply.com gives a null-response,then you would find several optional valid links. 

The first one is ‘isupplyco.com’
“The I Supply Company is a distributor of food service disposables and perishables – also industrial and institutional towels, tissues, and supplies for cleaning, sanitizing, laundry, and ware washing.
Currently serving customers in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Food service disposable company does nothing about E-commerce services and revenue solutions”

The second option is isupplyonline.com engages in printing industry
iSupply are a printing company located in Galway City.  We offer our customers high quality output and service at a great price.
For all your printing needs from Posters, Business Cards, Stationery to Large Format Posters, Trade Stands, right through to a professional CD DVD Duplication and Printing. We aim to deliver the best quality products at competitive prices to all our customers.”
How do you relate Printing company services with e-commerce services and revenue solutions.
The next division, LocalAdClick is a local search directory” and “advertising network” in their words, I wonder if someone could find a local search directory within it. What LocalAdClick gives its members is five video advertisements per week to watch,facility for e-wallet related tasks (preparing vouchers, issuing e-pins) and ways to manage binary tree etc,. all that need to expansion of disastrous Pyramid.
There is a separate page for submitting advertisements with very few options in cheap way ,so no chance to be a advertising network, but just to show and prove their statements in a constructive way.
First you understand LocalAdClick as a PPP(Pay-Per-Click) site but after sometime you will find an absolute pyramid money structure in it. There is no way to be a local search directory or a advertising network. MORE INFO

The last division of ViSim,Inc is visim.com which is introduced as a niche portal and social networking site. You would find a valid domain under visim.com and that could direct to visionology.com,

At Visionology, we specialize in helping small businesses get their foot in the door, to make them succeed, and to grow potential that may not have been seen previously. We believe in great design, that form and function can both play an equal role, and that technology along with good old fashioned creativity go hand in hand. Since 2000 we have been using our ever evolving skill set to give our client's businesses the edge they need in user-centered design projects for the web, print, and multimedia.

Being a design studio, it is useless to discuss about Generation Jones and Baby Boomers with LocalAdClick for social networking

LocalAdClick site could mislead anyone. They have designed fairly looking classic site with names of founder's and description of their business activities in a very professional manner, unlike other on-line money sites having very vivid look and content, Site says they are the top-notch on-line advertisers and related service providers but their company names appear nowhere in local or international business reviews.  MORE INFO

They post video advertisements of Nike, Sony, Uniliver and Mersidez and many of world reputed companies that are obviously stolen from uTUBE or some other sites. There is no any trace of evidence that those world class firms have commercial agreements with them as a on-line advertiser. As long as the web database is concerned ,none can find the visim.com, Visim.Inc and i-SUPPLY or whatever they have given as their portals,divisions or commercial establishments in real world.

It is said to be operated in 65 countries but in actual terms you would find less than 12 countries. Majority of visitors comes from Asian and Gulf regions.   

Please get rid of this absolute illegal pyramid scam.

You must read the following: Already a member? or Hope to join soon !
What do they offer you?
You have to buy its membership. Then you are given five video advertisements to watch every week. Your e-valet is credited with US$ 50 /week but they don't pay out it to your bank account directly through PayPal, Payza or any other e-money transfer methods. You have to transfer your earning to one of your up-liners (some one much above in the pyramid most probably the person who introduced LocalAdClick to you). He will pay you by cash or transfering money to your account or pay through e-money transfers. Anyway you feel much better here. Some times they made you aware of reward structure for recruiting new members when you are first enrolled by franchisee, affiliated manager or agent or Maybe they explain about direct,Binary and other reward structures bit later.

Where do you go? What do you see?
Now you are not happy enough with $ 200 a month. You are given an opportunity to earn more. First you talk to your friends then relatives and so on. Some of them would agree at first time, anyway most people wont agree because just they want to go deep into the subject. Primarily what you do is explaining about it being on-line with localadclick.net, introducing the company. You have to explain about the company services, better with PP presentations, next you log in to your account and show your earnings, wallet statement etc..etc..it almost similar to a Pay-Per-Click job at this point, you can catch some birds. It's not OK for some people yet, they ask legal matters. You want be a loser, company has given two registration certificates one from British Virgin Islands and other from India. Now It's legalized ..another set of members. Another bloom,You are paid with rewards other than watching ads. You see the sign of progress with this. You build your binary tree or pyramid day by day and become a big man in pyramid and start preparing vouchers ,issuing e-pins all that matters exclusive to expansion of the pyramid. Same time you are asked to pay member earnings. How do you do that? You pass money of new recruits to old members that's it, very simple, Pay rewards to down-line and sometime taking your incentives as well. This process happens every level of the pyramid. At this point you have clearly understood a top secret ,none is paid for watching ads by so-called LocalAdClick or Nike or Uniliver whereas everyone is paid by money from new recruits. This is merely a flow of money from bottom to up direction like water flowing through a funnel. Mouth of a funnel is wider say about 20 square centimeters, and bottom of it is small say about 2 square centimeters. You pour 100 millimeters of water into that. Just imagine the way water goes through it. Mouth of the funnel gets 5ml/1 sq.cm (100/20) whereas bottom gets 50ml/1 sq.cm(100/2). Turn upside down the funnel, It just looks like a pyramid. Say 1 sq.cm is equal to a person so there are 20 people at bottom and 2 at top. Now you give $5 each at bottom and ask to pass it upwards, people at top get $ 50 each but those at bottom got $5 each. How pyramid money structures work is almost the same way. You are at some where in the direction of money flow, higher the position you are in, more the amount going through you. Look at your binary-tree, How does it look like? A pyramid.

Once you joined this first, You are not paid for 4-5 weeks and thereafter e-wallet is credited with $ 10 per video ad which makes a sum of $ 200 or more monthly according to your membership plan. Did you ever thought about this lapse period? 
All old parasites are fed with this sign-up fees of freshers, new money is always in circulation in this expanded window. How nicely have they used their heads ?

Sign-up fee usually includes two components i.e. registration fee and package fee, Why do you need to pay for registration? This goes for rewards and other point based payments.

This is the best job I ever did. How long may I work?
This big pyramid is made up of too many small pyramids. Every small pyramid has to multiply again and again to keep growing the large pyramid further. At a point small pyramids experience a stage where they can not multiply any more or in other words new recruits are limited or impossible. This is the moment where the whole structure collapses. This causes more losers, usually more than 95%, people at very top have taken millions while those at middle have gathered thousands and heads at very bottom left with empty pockets.

O..Why is this so unstable ?
Mostly, Population is the limiting factor. If a money pyramid is allowed to develop freely, world population would not be enough for further expansion of it within several years. The same principle applies to a country or a region.
If the scheme is an illegal pyramid like LocalAdClick, expansion would be limited by law enforcement at any point and eruption cannot be predicted with development stage because legal issues can affect sooner rather than later.

What would happen then?
Economic analysts say, Its consequences are not limited to individual level as its mal-effects could penetrate through family,community,region, country and global levels causing social unrest and violence.

What else can happen?
If you have given them your real name, date of birth, bank account number, credit card number, email addresses, address, Identity Card Number and other important personal information. Sometimes, Your privacy data could be stolen by their spy-cookies. There is a high risk of spams, scams and identity theft in future. 
How to manage this kind of issues before hand MORE INFO

So why did they create a web site like LocalAdclick?
Major limitation to an illegal money scheme is attracting new members. If they tell the true story none would join. They created an imaginary world best company with many disciplines limited to cyber space just to attract you. Once you joined, It is impossible to give up as you have spent money to enroll, and it is easy & fast cash. Maybe you have given them vital personal information which would be used in future for similar projects or cyber crimes.

End note:
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Please keep in mind to make aware your loved ones and friends to take care when dealing with easy money solutions.

What/ Who is LocalAdClick ?           CLICK HERE

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